After “Err” is displayed, check the correct position of the speed sensor.
Check the relative position and gap of the speed sensor and its spoke magnet periodically.

Installation information of speed magnet.
  • Possible magnet position A or B opposite of the stripe marks.
  • Distance between magnet and sensor max.15mm.

  • “HOT” symbol: Temperature of the motor unit too high. Allow the motor to cool down. Continued travel without motor support is possible and speeds up the cooling process.

    The display battery is empty, please change display battery CR2032.

    1. Ensure the battery is power on, the cables are well connected.

    2. Press AC button to reset

    3. Replace the coin battery of display.

    Please enter “data setting mode →Bike information code” to retrieve 9 digital (ex: 110-000001) from the display.